Loire Valley, France
Consulting Winemaker: Marcia Torres-Forno

Passerelles is an exploration of the wines found along the length of France's longest river—the Loire. At just over 1000 kilometers (634 miles), the Loire is home to a spectacular array of grape varieties—from racy Sauvignon Blanc and mineral-driven Chenin Blanc to supple Gamay, earthy Pinot Noir and robust Cabernet Franc. ​It is widely considered to be one of the most diverse wine regions in the world, with many of the most superb values to be found anywhere.​ The terroir offers mild weather during the growing season, a broad range of the most sought-after soils in the wine world, gentle hillsides and many smaller tributaries leading to the long expanse of the Loire. ​The resulting wines overdeliver on quality—pure and inviting expressions of this storied river valley.