Ariel Jackson

Through all of the Jackson family’s wines and estates, there’s a thread of continuity that comes down to quality and sustainability.

Ariel Jackson grew up in Sonoma County, surrounded by vines. Through a friendship with Julia Jackson, she met and fell in love with Christopher Jackson and became part of the Jackson family legacy.

Ariel works in the Jackson family’s real estate department, which oversees the company’s vineyard and land holdings, wine cellars, tasting rooms, and more. She admires the company’s forward-thinking investment in under-the-radar wine regions and shares the family’s commitment to quality. “I love meeting so many brilliant, interesting people in this business, who do such different things but all connect and unwind over wine,” Ariel says.

Together with her husband Christopher, Ariel lives in Sonoma County with the couple’s three young sons. She holds a Juris Doctorate from University of Michigan Law School and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California at Davis.