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Sustainability Progress

Welcome to the Jackson Family Wines Responsibility Report Progress Update page.

As a family wine company, it is vital to demonstrate accountability and authenticity behind our claims that we are not only a responsible business, but a leader in sustainable winemaking. In September 2016, we released our inaugural Jackson Family Responsibility Report to share our goals and progress in the areas of environmental stewardship, employee engagement and community involvement. The report also announced 11 goals that we aim to achieve by 2021:

Jackson Family Wines 2021 Responsibility Goals:

  1. Commit to at least one land conservation/restoration project per year
  2. Source 85% of all grower fruit from certified sustainable vineyards
  3. Power 50% of winemaking operations from onsite renewable energy generation
  4. Reduce market-based scope 1-3 greenhouse gas emissions 25% per gallon produced from 2015 baseline
  5. Further reduce water intensity per gallon of wine by 33% over 2015 baseline
  6. Increase water security
  7. Zero-waste tasting rooms
  8. Double facility solid waste diversion
  9. Establish a volunteer program that supports a 75% employee volunteer participation rate annually
  10. Establish a domestic paid internship program that creates a pathway to full-time employee positions
  11. Pilot an innovative trial or continue an ongoing experimental pilot project each year

Over the course of the next year, we will be sharing a monthly progress update related to each of our 2021 goals. Sharing our progress monthly allows us to explore learnings and challenges, while also celebrating successes. We’ll highlight our partners – and the extended family of Jackson Family Wines employees – who are helping us to change the world of wine for the better. It is our hope that by sharing our progress in real time, we will provide our various stakeholders with a greater sense of transparency, and a call to action, in joining us on our journey to make the highest quality wines in the most responsible manner.

Please share your feedback and ask us questions! You can reach us at sustainability@jfwmail.com or by calling 707.535.8516.

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