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The Jackson family believes that our mission — to make the world’s best wines, from the best vineyards, crafted by hand with integrity — is strengthened by our sustainability goals. We understand that achieving excellence in how we manage our social and environmental impacts is in part dependent on our ability to evaluate and report on ourselves. As a family company it is vital to demonstrate accountability and authenticity behind our claims that we are not only a responsible business, but a leader in sustainable winemaking. With our inaugural Jackson Family Responsibility Report, we hope to be an integral part of clarifying the conversation around wine sustainability.

Sustainability is not a new concept for us. We have farmed and made wine with this goal in mind since the beginning. With each year, our awareness has evolved, and with it our methodologies. We are proud of the significant progress we have made over the last eight years towards specific goals in the areas of environmental stewardship, employee engagement, and community involvement.

This report is designed to highlight our journey to do business in the most responsible and transparent manner, and features a series of 5-year goals we are aiming to achieve by 2021. We have organized this report around our four sustainability pillars: Sustaining Our Lands, Crafting Our Wines, Advancing the Field, and Innovation.

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