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Napa Valley, California


Christopher Carpenter

Established in 1995, Lokoya is a collection of four distinct Cabernet Sauvignons from four of Napa Valley’s most renowned mountain appellations: Mount Veeder, Howell Mountain, Diamond Mountain District, and Spring Mountain District. These single-vineyard wines, made in very limited quantities, are 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, fermented with native yeast, and bottled unfined and unfiltered — resulting in the purest expression of place. They are powerful wines that reflect the intense individuality of each mountain.

Winemaker Christopher Carpenter believes that the art of great winemaking is knowing when to intervene in the vineyard and the cellar, and when to leave the fruit alone so that it can express itself as naturally and eloquently as possible. Harnessing the concentrated fruit flavors that result from high elevation sites with meager soils, while also taming the intense tannins from these small, thick- skinned grapes, requires skill and insight.

Highly sought after by collectors, the wines of Lokoya can be enjoyed for decades to come.