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Western Cape, South Africa


Graham Weerts

Latin for “cape,” Capensis is produced in South Africa, one of the oldest winemaking regions in the world. The ancient soils, dramatic landscapes and historic vineyards of Stellenbosch, Overberg and Robertson are the foundation for Capensis which honors the greatness of South Africa. Winemaker Graham Weerts has carefully selected the finest Chardonnay vineyards within the Western Cape to create this expressive wine.

Fijnbosch Vineyard Region, Stellenbosch, elevation 1,719 feet.
Located in the Stellenbosch region, the estate-owned Fijnbosch Vineyard sits at 1,719 feet in elevation. The name hails from the Dutch settlers’ term for the natural vegetation in the area, meaning “fine bush” or “fine woods.” The high elevation, clay soils and fynbos surrounding the vines contribute to the Chardonnay’s exceptional natural acidity and complexity.

Kaaimansgat Vineyard Region, Overberg, elevation 2,484 feet.
Impressively remote and resting up in the mountains of Overberg at 2,484 feet, the Kaaimansgat Vineyard literally translates to “crocodile’s lair.” Showcasing true mountain terroir, this high elevation vineyard contributes to the wine’s aromas of white peach and bosch pear.

E. Bruwer Vineyard Region, Robertson, elevation 571 feet.
The E. Bruwer Vineyard is located in the Robertson region, where Chardonnay grapes thrive on the ancient pockets of limestone soil. Only specific vineyard rows which grow in these unique pockets are selected for this wine, contributing to the distinct minerality found on the palate.