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Napa Valley, California


Christopher Carpenter

Cardinale, located in Napa Valley’s world-renowned Oakville District, crafts a single Cabernet Sauvignon from each vintage.

The wine is a limited-production blend from Napa Valley’s most celebrated mountain appellations, including Diamond Mountain, Howell Mountain, Mount Veeder, and Spring Mountain. Each esteemed mountain vineyard creates a beautiful note unto itself, but the composition they create together results in a remarkable symphony of flavor, texture, and complexity.

Like a master composer, Winemaker Christopher Carpenter layers the intricate notes of Cardinale’s mountain vineyards to create one resounding wine. Diamond Mountain contributes dark cherry, bittersweet chocolate, and great mid-palate body. Howell Mountain delivers dark fruit flavors, an earthiness, and minerality. Spring Mountain adds red fruit characteristics, satiny tannins, and great aging potential. And Mount Veeder bestows notes of blue fruit and minerality, along with the wine’s structure.

Mountain terroir is essential to Cardinale’s character. While the rocky soils, steep aspects and exposed conditions are among the most challenging in California, they also produce the most structured, masculine and complex wines.