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Valle de Casablanca, Chile


Randy Ullom

Over the past two decades Chile has become one of the world’s most important countries for wine. It currently ranks in the top 10 for both production and exports thanks to a combination of incredibly high quality and unsurpassed value.

Chile’s best wine-producing appellations are located along a 700-mile stretch of coastal and foothill sites in the latitudinal middle of the country. As in California, regions closer to the Pacific Ocean are colder than those inland. Since the early 1990s, Calina has been a pioneer of cool-climate viticulture in some of Chile’s more extreme winegrowing areas.

Calina’s two red wines come from estate and grower vineyards in Maule Valley. Located south of Santiago, this up-and-coming area enjoys a climate cooled by morning winds off the Pacific Ocean and afternoon winds from the Andes Mountains. The consistently mild temperatures and long growing season result in wines that are intense, elegant and balanced. Calina’s Cabernet Sauvignon is lush and aromatic with soft tannins. The Carménère, Chile’s signature grape, is medium bodied with bold aromatics suggesting cassis and dried herbs.

Calina’s Chardonnay is sourced primarily from Casablanca, a dry, cool coastal district widely regarded as the premier appellation in Chile for Burgundian varieties. It is rich, clean, slightly tropical and well structured. Randy Ullom has been Calina’s winemaker and guiding force since its launch in 1993.