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Mendocino County, California


Ben Salazar

Edmeades is the authentic taste of one of California’s last viticultural frontiers — Mendocino County. The winery’s history began in 1963 when Dr. Donald Edmeades, a cardiologist from Pasadena, planted 24 acres of vines, becoming the first modern-day grape grower in this cool, coastal Mendocino region. He founded his winery and launched the Edmeades brand in 1972. The Jackson family purchased the winery and its vineyards in 1988.

Using grapes grown in Mendocino County’s rugged coastal mountains, Edmeades crafts Zinfandels with distinctive character and personality. The winery prefers a delicate touch in the cellar, allowing each vineyard to be fully expressed in the wines it makes. The simplicity of the winemaking allows the soil and climate of each site, plus the essential character of the variety, to shine through in every wine.

Ben Salazar joined Edmeades as head winemaker in 2012 after working as an enologist and assistant winemaker for other Jackson Family wineries. He is a Zinfandel devotee who appreciates the grape’s historical importance to California. He also loves the wine’s deep, spicy, concentrated, hedonistic fruit character. Edmeades is best known for its limited-edition, single-vineyard Zinfandels from some of the oldest and highest sites in Mendocino County, including Perli (planted in the late 1800s), Piffero (planted in 1930 using blasting powder to clear the side of a mountain), Shamrock (2,800 feet above the Pacific Ocean), and Gianoli (planted at 1,900 feet in the 1880s).